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Detailed Translations for entité from French to English


entité noun

  1. entité (type de contenu externe)
    the entity; the external content type
    – An object (such as a customer, item, or employee) that shares a set of defined attributes or characteristics, and that is used to manage rules for data. 1
  2. entité (type d'enregistrement)
    the entity; the record type
    – The representation of all the instances of a particular record. When changes are made to a record type, those changes will affect all individual records of that type. 1
  3. entité
    the entity
    – In Reporting Services, an entity is a logical collection of model items, including source fields, roles, folders, and expressions, presented in familiar business terms. 1
  4. entité
    the entity
    – A class or object that represents application data such as customers, products, and orders. 1

Translation Matrix for entité:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
entity entité; type d'enregistrement; type de contenu externe
external content type entité; type de contenu externe
record type entité; type d'enregistrement

Synonyms for "entité":

Wiktionary Translations for entité:

  1. philosophie|fr ensemble des propriétés constitutif d'un être ou de l’essence d’une chose.

Cross Translation:
entité entity EntitätOntologie: das Dasein eines Dinges, im Unterschied zu seinem Wesen