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  1. Note professionnelle:


Detailed Translations for Note professionnelle from French to English

Note professionnelle:

Note professionnelle

  1. Note professionnelle (note)
    the note; the business note
    – An Outlook item that can be attached to a record's history log. Typically a note contains information regarding a conversation with a customer or other people in the company they work for. 1

Translation Matrix for Note professionnelle:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
business note Note professionnelle; note
note Note professionnelle; note accent; addition; annotation; bank-note; billet; billet de banque; bout de papier; brouillon; certificat; citation; coupure; déclaration; facture; gribouillis; griffonnage; mention; mention honorable; mot; musique; mémoire des frais; notation; note; note de frais; note de musique; petit billet; petit mot; son; sonorité; teinte; timbre; ton; voix; égratignure
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
note annoter; consigner; enregister; indexer; inscrire; noter; register

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