Detailed Translations for TPM from French to English



  1. TPM (Module de plateforme sécurisée (TPM))
    the trusted platform module; the TPM
    – Microchip designed to provide certain basic security-related functions to the software that utilizes TPM. 1
  2. TPM (Module de plateforme sécurisée (TPM))
    the TPM; the Trusted Platform Module
    – Security hardware that provides a hardware-based root of trust and can be leveraged to provide a variety of cryptographic services, such as early-boot component checking. 1

Translation Matrix for TPM:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
TPM Module de plateforme sécurisée (TPM); TPM
Trusted Platform Module Module de plateforme sécurisée (TPM); TPM
trusted platform module Module de plateforme sécurisée (TPM); TPM