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Detailed Translations for blocage from French to English


blocage [le ~] noun

  1. le blocage (barrage d'une rue; blocus)
    the blockade; the roadblock
  2. le blocage
    the deadlock
    – In operating systems and database applications, a situation in which two or more processes cannot continue because each process is waiting for resources to be freed by the continuation of the other process. 1
  3. le blocage
    the hold
    – A restriction that prevents a document from being posted or transactions from being entered for a specified record. 1
  4. le blocage
    the deadlock
    – A situation in which a thread will not relinquish its exclusive access to a critical section. 1
  5. le blocage
    the blocking
    – A method of operation in which a program that issues a call does not regain control until the call completes. 1

Translation Matrix for blocage:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
blockade barrage d'une rue; blocage; blocus barricade
blocking blocage fermeture; verrouillage
deadlock blocage impasse; interblocage
hold blocage baril; bassine; cale; clé; cléf; cuve; cuvette; fût; prise; saisie; seau; tonne; tonneau
roadblock barrage d'une rue; blocage; blocus barrage d'une rue; barricade; barrière; encombrement
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hold arrêter; concevoir; conserver; détenir; emprisonner; enchaîner; entendre; garder; garder chez soi; garder à la main; maintenir; mettre en attente; mettre en état d'arrestation; ne pas laisser aller; percer; percevoir; prendre; reconnaître; retenir; saisir; se maintenir; se rendre compte; tenir; voir; écrouer

Synonyms for "blocage":

Wiktionary Translations for blocage:

  1. volleyball: defensive play
  2. something that prevents passing

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