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Detailed Translations for charabia from French to English


charabia [le ~] noun

  1. le charabia (baragouin; jargon)
    the gibberish; the double Dutch; the gobbledygook; the jabber
  2. le charabia (sottise; bêtises; stupidité; )
    the gibberish; the nonsense

Translation Matrix for charabia:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
double Dutch baragouin; charabia; jargon
gibberish absurdité; baragouin; bêtises; charabia; galimatias; jargon; radotage; sottise; stupidité absurdité; baliverne; balivernes; bredouillage; conneries; non-sens; papotage; radotage; radotages; sottises
gobbledygook baragouin; charabia; jargon
jabber baragouin; charabia; jargon babillage; baliverne; balivernes; bavardage; bavardages; bredouillage; causerie; commérages; conneries; jacassement; papotage; radotage; radotages; sottises
nonsense absurdité; bêtises; charabia; galimatias; radotage; sottise; stupidité absurdité; allégresse; badinage; baliverne; balivernes; belle humeur; blague; bobards; bordel; bouffonnerie; bêtise; bêtises; cocasserie; cris d'allégresse; farce; folie; gaieté; ineptie; joie; non-sens; plaisanterie; plaisir; potins; raillerie; rigolade; réjouissance; satisfaction; sottise; sottises; stupidité
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
jabber bafouiller; balbutier; baragouiner; bavarder; baver; bouler; bredouiller; cancaner; caqueter; dire des bêtises; gazouiller; jacasser; papoter; parler dans le vide; rabâcher; radoter
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gibberish estropié; écorché
jabber estropié; écorché

Synonyms for "charabia":

Wiktionary Translations for charabia:

  1. (vieilli)
  1. macaronic work
  2. Nonsense; meaningless or encrypted language.
  3. unintelligible speech or writing
  4. incomprehensible language
  5. empty verbiage or nonsense
  6. inarticulate speech