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Detailed Translations for compartiment from French to English


compartiment [le ~] noun

  1. le compartiment (coupé)
    the compartment; the cavity; the niche
  2. le compartiment (niche; cavité; tanière; caverne)
    the cavity; the niche; the alcove; the hollow
  3. le compartiment
    the bucket
    – A virtual container that holds a particular category of items or data. 1
  4. le compartiment (compartiment de données)
    the compartment; the data compartment
    – An abstraction (not a specific storage location) that consists of one or more isolated storage files, called stores, which contain the actual directory locations where data is stored. Any kind of data can be saved in the store. 1

Translation Matrix for compartiment:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
alcove caverne; cavité; compartiment; niche; tanière alvéole; niche
bucket compartiment baril; bassine; bêche; cuve; cuvette; fût; grappin; pelle; sceau à puiser; seau; spatule; tentacule; tonne; tonneau
cavity caverne; cavité; compartiment; coupé; niche; tanière carie; caverne; cavité; creux; crevasse; encoche; fosse; niche; niche écologique; tanière; trou
compartment compartiment; compartiment de données; coupé case; casier; caverne; cavité; congélateur; niche; tanière
data compartment compartiment; compartiment de données
hollow caverne; cavité; compartiment; niche; tanière affaissement; cavité; creux; cuvette; cuvette dans les dunes; fosse; tassement de terrain; trou; éboulement; écroulement
niche caverne; cavité; compartiment; coupé; niche; tanière alvéole; caverne; cavité; niche; niche écologique; tanière
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hollow banal; creux; enfoncé; maigre; maigre comme un clou; maigre comme un coucou; maigre comme un échalas; vide de sens

Synonyms for "compartiment":

Wiktionary Translations for compartiment:

  1. case ; division.
  1. chamber
  2. compartment

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