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Detailed Translations for en ligne from French to English

en ligne:

en ligne adv

  1. en ligne
    – A state that marks a component in a failover cluster or server cluster as available. When a node is online, it is an active member of the cluster and can own and run clustered services and applications, honor cluster database updates, contribute votes to the quorum algorithm, and maintain heartbeats. Clustered services and applications, and the resources within them, also have an online state. 1

en ligne adj

  1. en ligne
    – Pertaining to a user, a file or a computer currently connected a server. 1

Translation Matrix for en ligne:

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online en ligne

Wiktionary Translations for en ligne:

en ligne
  1. Téléphonie
  1. informatique|fr connecté à un réseau informatique, notamment l’internet.
en ligne
  1. -

Cross Translation:
en ligne online online — sich im Internet befindend, verwendet für:

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