Detailed Translations for index from French to English


index [le ~] noun

  1. l'index (table des matières; contenu; registre; contenance; liste)
    the index
    – an alphabetical listing of names and topics along with page numbers where they are discussed 1
    the table of contents
    – a list of divisions (chapters or articles) and the pages on which they start 1
  2. l'index
    the index finger; the forefinger
  3. l'index
    the index finger
  4. l'index
    the index
    – A listing of keywords and associated data that point to the location of more comprehensive information, such as files and records on a disk or record keys in a database. 2
  5. l'index
    the index
    – A marker produced by the Windows Media Format Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable seeking in a video file. 2
  6. l'index
    the index
    – A value multiplied by the base price to calculate a subscription price. 2
  7. l'index
    the index
    – In programming, a scalar value that allows direct access into a multi-element data structure such as an array without the need for a sequential search through the collection of elements. 2
  8. l'index (table; tableau; liste)
    the table
    – a set of data arranged in rows and columns 1
    • table [the ~] noun
      • see table 11
    the schedule; the list
  9. l'index (registre; table des matières; cadastre)
    the register; the index; the file

Translation Matrix for index:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
file cadastre; index; registre; table des matières bande; barre; classeur; corde; câble; dossier; embouteillage; fichier; file; ligne; lime; portefeuille; queue; rang; rangs; râpe; règle
forefinger index
index cadastre; contenance; contenu; index; liste; registre; table des matières description; indice; indice des cotes
index finger index
list index; liste; table; tableau bande; gîte; liste; liste d'armée; liste des membres; registre; énumération
register cadastre; index; registre; table des matières bureau de l'état civil; liste des membres; liste électorale; registre; registre électoral; état civil
schedule index; liste; table; tableau agenda; plan du vol; planification
table index; liste; table; tableau table; table à manger; tableau
table of contents contenance; contenu; index; liste; registre; table des matières Contenu; Sommaire; TOC; table des matières
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
file archiver; limer; ranger
index faire le registre; indexer
list annoter; citer; consigner; enregister; faire mention de; indexer; informer; inscrire; lister; mentionner; mettre au courant; nommer; noter; register; énumérer
register annoter; cadastrer; consigner; coucher par écrit; donner; déclarer; enregister; enregistrer; faire inscrire; faire le registre; indexer; indiquer; inscrire; inscrire pour; mentionner; mettre par écrit; mettre à l'écrit; noter; présenter; register; s'enrôler; s'inscrire; se faire inscrire; se présenter; souscrire
schedule planifier

Synonyms for "index":

Wiktionary Translations for index:

  1. Table d’un texte
  2. Doigt
  1. alphabetical listing
  2. the main or first page of a web site
  3. first finger next to the thumb

Cross Translation:
index index Index — Register
index forefinger; index finger wijsvinger — tweede vinger, gelegen tussen de middelvinger en de duim