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Detailed Translations for isolation from French to English


isolation [la ~] noun

  1. l'isolation (anticonducteur)
    the insulation; the isolation; the non-conductor
  2. l'isolation
    the isolation
    – The Plug and Play process by which cards on an ISA bus are distinguished from each other after system startup. 1
  3. l'isolation
    the isolation
    – A characteristic whereby two transactions running in parallel produce the illusion that there is no concurrency. It appears that the system is running one transaction at a time. 1

Translation Matrix for isolation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
insulation anticonducteur; isolation isolement; retraite; réclusion; séparation
isolation anticonducteur; isolation délaissement; fait de devenir solitaire; isolement; retraite; réclusion; solitude progressive; séparation
non-conductor anticonducteur; isolation

Synonyms for "isolation":

Wiktionary Translations for isolation:

  1. Action d’isoler.
  1. act of isolating
  2. The act of insulating

Cross Translation:
isolation insulation Isolation — Material mit hohem Widerstand gegen elektrischen Stromfluss
isolation insulation; isolation Isolierung — kPl.: der Vorgang des isolieren (Vereinzelung, Abkapselung)
isolation insulation IsolierungTrennschicht aus Isoliermaterial (elektrisch, thermisch)

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