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Detailed Translations for pipeline from French to English


pipeline [le ~] noun

  1. le pipeline (oléoduc)
    the oil-pipe; the pipeline
  2. le pipeline (gazoduc; tuyauterie; oléoduc; canalisations; pipe-line)
    the pipeline
  3. le pipeline
    the pipeline
    – A software infrastructure that defines and links together one or more stages of a business process, running them in sequence to complete a specific task. Each stage of a pipeline contains one or more pipeline components (COM objects) that can be configured to work with the unique requirements of the site. 1
  4. le pipeline
    the pipeline
    – A set of commands that chain the output of one command into the input of the next command. 1
  5. le pipeline
    the pipeline
    – A series of commands connected by pipeline operators (|) (ASCII 124). Each pipeline operator sends the results of the preceding command as input to the next command. 1

Translation Matrix for pipeline:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
oil-pipe oléoduc; pipeline
pipeline canalisations; gazoduc; oléoduc; pipe-line; pipeline; tuyauterie canal d'adduction; opportunités; opportunités de vente

Synonyms for "pipeline":

Wiktionary Translations for pipeline:

  1. (term, Pétrole-Transports) canalisation composé de tubes utilisée pour transporter des fluides et en particulier du pétrole ou du gaz.
  1. a conduit made of pipes used to convey water, gas or petroleum etc

Cross Translation:
pipeline pipeline Pipeline — große, oft grenzüberschreitende Rohrleitung für Erdgas, Erdöl, manchmal auch Bier, sonstige Flüssigkeiten oder Gase