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Detailed Translations for port from French to English


port [le ~] noun

  1. le port (porto; surtaxe)
    the postage
  2. le port (ville portuaire; havre)
    the port town
  3. le port (frais de port; porto; affranchissement)
    the postage; the stamps
  4. le port
    the port
    – A hardware- or software-based interface used to transfer information between a computer and other devices. Hardware ports are physical connections that are visible on the outside of the computer. Software ports are the numbered gateways in programs that software programs use to exchange information. 1
  5. le port
    the port
    – An entry point into BizTalk Server that connects adapters to pipelines. 1
  6. le port
    the port
    – An actor's interface component through which actors communicate with other actors. 1

Translation Matrix for port:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
port port bâbord; quartier maritime
port town havre; port; ville portuaire
postage affranchissement; frais de port; port; porto; surtaxe
stamps affranchissement; frais de port; port; porto cachets; estampilles; poinçons; scellés; timbres
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
port porter

Synonyms for "port":

Wiktionary Translations for port:

  1. Port pour bateaux
  2. Port informatique
  3. enfoncement, naturel ou artificiel, de la mer dans les terres, offrant aux bateaux un abri contre les vents et les tempêtes.
  1. harbour
  2. for ships
  3. dock or harbour
  4. town or city with a dock or harbour
  5. computing: logical or physical construct into and from which data are transferred

Cross Translation:
port harbour; harbor; port haven — natuurlijke of aangelegde aanlegplaats voor schepen.
port port; harbour Hafen — Ort zum natürlichen oder künstlich geschützten Anlegen von Schiffen (sowie übertragen auf andere Fahrzeuge), mit Anlagen zum Löschen, Laden, Reinigen und Ausbessern, an offener See oder an Flussläufen
port postage Porto — Kosten, die für Postsendungen fällig werden

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