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Detailed Translations for prédiction from French to English


prédiction [la ~] noun

  1. la prédiction (prophétie; augure; pronostic)
    the prediction; the prognosis; the forecast
  2. la prédiction (prophétie)
    the prophecy
  3. la prédiction (divination; prophétie; chiromancie; cartomancie)
    the fortune-telling
  4. la prédiction
    the prediction
    – A data mining technique that analyzes existing data and uses the results to predict values of attributes for new records or missing attributes in existing records. For example, existing credit application data can be used to predict the credit risk for a new application. 1

Translation Matrix for prédiction:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
forecast augure; pronostic; prophétie; prédiction prévision
fortune-telling cartomancie; chiromancie; divination; prophétie; prédiction
prediction augure; pronostic; prophétie; prédiction
prognosis augure; pronostic; prophétie; prédiction pronostic; prévision
prophecy prophétie; prédiction
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
forecast augurer; avertir; devenir; dire d'avance; pronostiquer; prophétiser; prédire; présager

Synonyms for "prédiction":

Wiktionary Translations for prédiction:

  1. action de prédire.
  1. a statement about the future

Cross Translation:
prédiction prediction Vorhersage — eine Aussage über etwas, das in Zukunft sein wird