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  1. se connecter:
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    • log in, login


Detailed Translations for se connecter from French to English

se connecter:

se connecter verb

  1. se connecter (ouvrir une session)
    log on
    – To gain access to a specific computer, program, or network by identifying oneself with a username and a password. 1
  2. se connecter
    sign in
    – To create a user session for an Internet account. For example, you sign in to a Windows Live ID, an Internet service provider account, or an XML Web service. 1
  3. se connecter
    to connect
    – To join or link. 1
    • connect verb (connects, connected, connecting)

Translation Matrix for se connecter:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
connect se connecter accoupler; accrocher; adhérer; adjoindre; agrafer; allumer; assembler; associer; attacher; attacher ensemble; attacher à qc; boutonner; brancher; brancher sur; coller; connecter; embrayer; enchaîner; faire fonctionner; faire marcher; fixer; grouper; installer; joindre; joindre ensemble; lier; marquer; mettre en circuit; mettre en communication; mettre en marche; nouer; parapher; passer quelqu'un; poser; rattacher à; relier; relier à; renforcer; réunir; réunir en accouplant; s'emboîter; s'enclencher; timbrer; unir; établir le contact
log on ouvrir une session; se connecter
sign in se connecter

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