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Detailed Translations for grappin from French to Dutch


grappin [le ~] noun

  1. le grappin (tentacule)
    de grijper
  2. le grappin (godet)
    grijpkraan; grijperkraan
  3. le grappin (échelon)
    de klimspoor; het klimijzer
  4. le grappin
    de dreg; dreghaak; dreganker
  5. le grappin

Translation Matrix for grappin:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dreg grappin
dreganker grappin
dreghaak grappin
grijper grappin; tentacule
grijperkraan godet; grappin
grijpkraan godet; grappin
klimijzer grappin; échelon
klimspoor grappin; échelon

Synonyms for "grappin":

Wiktionary Translations for grappin:

Cross Translation:
grappin enterhaak grapple — grappling iron