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Detailed Translations for apparaat from Dutch to English


apparaat [het ~] noun

  1. het apparaat (toestel)
    the apparatus; the device; the appliance; the machine
  2. het apparaat
    the device
    – Any piece of equipment that can be attached physically or wirelessly to a network or computer, for example, printers, keyboards, external disk drives, or other peripheral equipment. Devices normally require a device driver to function with Windows. 1

Translation Matrix for apparaat:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
apparatus apparaat; toestel
appliance apparaat; toestel gebruiksvoorwerp
device apparaat; toestel apparatuur; devies; kenspreuk; machine; mechanisme; mobiele telefoon; motto; zinspreuk
machine apparaat; toestel machine

Related Words for "apparaat":

Related Definitions for "apparaat":

  1. toestel waarmee je iets kunt doen2
    • met dit apparaat kun je sinaasappels uitpersen2

Wiktionary Translations for apparaat:

  1. een min of meer samengesteld werktuig
  1. piece of equipment
  2. bureaucratic organization
  3. assortment of tools or instruments
  4. complex machine or instrument

Cross Translation:
apparaat set appareilobjet conçu par l’homme afin de faciliter un travail.
apparaat instrument; means; tool; agent; gadget; implement; utensil instrumentobjet construire permettant d'exécuter une action.