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Detailed Translations for emoticon from Dutch to English


emoticon [het ~] noun

  1. het emoticon
    the emoticon
    – A small graphical symbol the user can insert into instant messages. 1
  2. het emoticon
    the charm
    – An icon that is attached to an event and that is viewable in someone's calendar. Depending on the calendar view, a charm may appear next to an event title, or may be the only visual representation of an event on a calendar day. 1
  3. het emoticon
    the emoticon; the smiley
    – A string of text characters that, when viewed sideways, form a face expressing a particular emotion. 1

Translation Matrix for emoticon:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
charm emoticon aanlokkelijkheid; aantrekkelijkheid; aantrekking; aantrekkingskracht; aanvechting; bekoorlijkheid; bekoring; beminnelijkheid; betovering; bevalligheid; charme; fascinatie; gratie; innemendheid; seductie; temptatie; verleiding; verlokking; verovering; verzoeking
emoticon emoticon
smiley emoticon lachebekje
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
charm bekoren; bevallen; blij maken; in verrukking brengen; inpakken; inpalmen; plezieren; verblijden; verheugd; verrukken

Wiktionary Translations for emoticon:

Cross Translation:
emoticon emoticon; smiley frimousse — Association facétieuse de quelques caractères typographiques