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  1. hulplijn:


Detailed Translations for hulplijn from Dutch to English


hulplijn [de ~] noun

  1. de hulplijn
    the rescue line
  2. de hulplijn
    the guide
    – A non-printing line or point that can be used to help position or align objects or text. 1
  3. de hulplijn
    the lined guide
    – In lined mode, a ruled recognition guide that minimally draws a suggested base line, and can also include a midline, or even ascender or descender lines. 1

Translation Matrix for hulplijn:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
guide hulplijn aanwijzing; begeleider; begeleidster; gids; handboek; leidsman; loods; reisbegeleider; reisgids; reisleider; reisleidster; richtlijn; rondleider
lined guide hulplijn
rescue line hulplijn
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
guide begeleiden; in goede banen leiden; leiden; meevoeren; voeren

Related Words for "hulplijn":

  • hulplijnen