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Detailed Translations for labels from Dutch to English


labels [de ~] noun, plural

  1. de labels (etiketten)
    the labels; the stickers

Translation Matrix for labels:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
labels etiketten; labels etiketten; prijskaartjes
stickers etiketten; labels aanplakkers; plakkers; plakkertjes; plakplaatjes; stickers

Related Words for "labels":

labels form of label:

label [de ~ (m)] noun

  1. de label (sticker; etiket; plakker; plakkertje)
    the adhesive label; the sticker; the tag; the paster; the ticket
  2. de label (handelsmerk; merk)
    the trademark; the brand name


  1. label
    the label
    – In DNS, each part of a DNS domain name that represents a node in the domain namespace tree. For example, the three labels example, microsoft, and com make up the DNS domain name Each label used in a DNS name cannot exceed 63 octets, 255 bytes including the terminating dot, for the fully qualified domain name (FQDN). 1
  2. label
    the label
    – A graphical control you can use to display text that a user can't change directly. 1
  3. label
    the tag
    – A marker used to identify a physical object. An RFID tag is an electronic marker that stores identification data. 1
    • tag [the ~] noun
  4. label
    the tag
    – One or more characters containing information about a file, record type, or other structure. 1
    • tag [the ~] noun
  5. label
    the label
    – User-defined name attached to a specific version of a file or project. 1
  6. label
    the tag
    – A geometrical arrangement of shapes that define a value that the Surface Vision System can recognize. These geometrical arrangements are added to physical objects (then called tagged objects) to work with Surface applications (for example, a glass tile that acts as a puzzle piece in a puzzle application). 1
    • tag [the ~] noun

Translation Matrix for label:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
adhesive label etiket; label; plakker; plakkertje; sticker
brand name handelsmerk; label; merk handelsmerk; handelsnaam; merknaam; warenmerk
label label banderol; strook
paster etiket; label; plakker; plakkertje; sticker
sticker etiket; label; plakker; plakkertje; sticker aanplakker; plakker
tag etiket; label; plakker; plakkertje; sticker code; draai; kink; knoop; krijgertje; kronkel; lus; lusvormige kromming; notitiemarkering; ophanglus; tag; tikkertje
ticket etiket; label; plakker; plakkertje; sticker bekeuring; bewijs van ontvangst; boete; bon; entreebiljet; kaart; kaartje; plaatsbewijs; reisbiljet; reçu; spoorkaartje; ticket; toegangsbewijs
trademark handelsmerk; label; merk fabrieksmerk; handelsmerk; handelsnaam; merk; warenmerk
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
label etiketteren; van etiket voorzien
tag aanroeren; aanstippen; een melding geven; etiketteren; even aanraken; taggen

Related Words for "label":

  • labellen, labelen, labels, labeltje, labeltjes

Wiktionary Translations for label:

  1. company selling records
  2. small ticket or sign giving information