Detailed Translations for lot from Dutch to English


lot [de ~] noun

  1. de lot (lotsbestemming)
    the fate; the destiny; the lot
  2. de lot (loterijlot)
    the lottery ticket

Translation Matrix for lot:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
destiny lot; lotsbestemming bestemming; geadresseerde; levenslot; noodlot; ongelukkig lot
fate lot; lotsbestemming levenslot; noodlot; ongelukkig lot
lot lot; lotsbestemming aardig wat; bende; berg; borg; bouwterrein; bouwwerk; cautie; drom; garantie; gebied; gebouw; grote hoeveelheid; hoeveelheid; hoop; horde; kavel; kluit; levenslot; massa; menigte; noodlot; onderpand; ongelukkig lot; overvloed; pand; partij; perceel; schare; terrein; waarborg; waarborging; waarborgsom
lottery ticket lot; loterijlot loterijbriefje
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lot kavelen; verdelen; verkavelen

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Wiktionary Translations for lot:

  1. slip of paper drawn in a lottery
  2. destiny
  3. inevitable events
  4. that which predetermines events
  5. predetermined condition; fate; fixed order of things
  6. quantity of anything produced in one operation
  7. quantity of baked goods made at one time
  8. that which is alloted

Cross Translation:
lot doom; destiny; fate; lot Schicksalkein Plural: die höhere Macht, welche die Zukunft der/eines Menschen beliebig beeinflusst und lenkt
lot destination destinationemploi auquel une personne ou une chose devoir affecter ou usage qu’on en peut faire.
lot destiny; fate; fortune; luck destinéedestin particulier d’une personne ou d’une chose.
lot fate; ill fate; destiny fatalitédestinée inévitable.
lot fortune; luck; destiny; fate; wealth fortunehasard, chance.

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