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module [de ~ (m)] noun

  1. de module
    the module
  2. de module
    the module
    – In programming, a collection of routines and data structures that performs a particular task or implements a particular abstract data type. Modules usually consist of two parts: an interface, which lists the constants, data types, variables, and routines that can be accessed by other modules or routines, and an implementation, which is private (accessible only to the module) and which contains the source code that actually implements the routines in the module. 1
  3. de module
    the snap-in
    – A type of tool that you can add to a console supported by Microsoft Management Console (MMC). A stand-alone snap-in can be added by itself; an extension snap-in can be added only to extend the function of another snap-in. 1
  4. de module
    the module
    – A component that can be registered as part of the ASP.NET request lifecycle and that can read or change the request or response as it is processed. Modules are often used to perform special tasks that need to monitor each request, such as security or site statistics. 1
  5. de module
    the module
    – A loadable unit, which can contain type declarations and type implementations. The module contains enough information to enable the common language runtime to locate all implementation bits when the module is loaded. The format for modules is an extension of the Windows portable executable (PE) file format. When deployed, a module is always contained in an assembly. 1
  6. de module
    the module
    – A content element a user can add to their space. 1

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module module
snap-in module

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  • modulen, modules

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module module Modul — eine technische oder organisatorische Einheit, die mit anderen Einheiten zu einem höherwertigen Ganzen zusammengefügt werden kann. Auch Bauteil eines Baukastensystems