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Detailed Translations for pakket from Dutch to English


pakket [het ~] noun

  1. het pakket (pakje; postpakket)
    the parcel
  2. het pakket
    the package
    – An object that contains the files and instructions for distributing software to a distribution point. 1
  3. het pakket
    the package
    – An icon that represents embedded or linked information. That information may consist of a complete file, such as a Paint bitmap, or part of a file, such as a spreadsheet cell. 1
  4. het pakket
    the packet
    – An Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) network layer transmission unit that consists of binary information representing both data and a header containing an identification number, source and destination addresses, and error-control data. 1
  5. het pakket
    the packet
    – A unit of information transmitted from one computer or device to another on a network. 1
  6. het pakket
    the package
    – A collection of control flow and data flow elements that runs as a unit. 1
  7. het pakket
    the package
    – A group of files that modify Windows features. Package types include service packs, security updates, language packs, and hotfixes. Examples of packages include LanguagePack, Windows Foundation, and FeaturePack. 1

Translation Matrix for pakket:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
package pakket
packet pakket
parcel pakje; pakket; postpakket bouwterrein; gebied; hoeveelheid; kavel; kaveling; partij; perceel; terrein; verkaveling
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
package emballeren; inpakken; inwikkelen; verpakken

Related Words for "pakket":

  • pakketten, pakketje, pakketjes

Wiktionary Translations for pakket:

Cross Translation:
pakket packet; package; parcel paquetemballage, colis, regroupant plusieurs choses.