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Detailed Translations for pan from Dutch to English


pan [de ~] noun

  1. de pan (kookpan)
    the saucepan
  2. de pan (pannen)
    the pan; the panning
    – In computer graphics, a display method in which a viewing window on the screen scans horizontally or vertically, like a camera, to bring offscreen extensions of the current image smoothly into view. 1

Translation Matrix for pan:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pan pan; pannen bak; barrel; emmer; fust; ijsschol; ijsschots; kuip; panning; pot; teil; ton; vat
panning pan; pannen panning
saucepan kookpan; pan kookpot; pot; steelpan

Related Words for "pan":

Related Definitions for "pan":

  1. dakpan2
    • er liggen rode pannen op het dak2
  2. voorwerp om eten in te koken of te bakken2
    • heb je de pan met aardappels al opgezet?2

Wiktionary Translations for pan:

  1. flat vessel used for cooking
  2. mostly rectangular shaped sheet of ceramic or fired clay to cover surfaces

Cross Translation:
pan pot; vase; vessel; jug; can; mug; tankard; jar potvase de terre ou de métal servant à divers usages.
pan roof tile; tile tuilecarreau de peu d’épaisseur, fait de terre grasse pétrir, sécher et cuite au four, tantôt plat, tantôt courber en demi-cylindre, et dont on se sert pour couvrir les maisons, les bâtiments.

Related Translations for pan