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Detailed Translations for query from Dutch to English



  1. query
    the query
    – A formalized instruction to a database to either return a set of records or perform a specified action on a set of records as specified in the query. 1
  2. query
    the query
    – A formalized instruction to a data source to either extract data or perform a specified action. The query can be in the form of a query expression, or a method-based query (or a combination of the two). The data source can be in different forms, e.g. relational databases, XML documents, or in-memory objects. 1
  3. query
    the query
    – A named set of criteria that Visual Studio Team Foundation uses to display work items. 1
  4. query
    the query
    – An expression in the form of a query expression or a Standard Query Operator method call (or a combination of the two) that extracts information from a data source. 1

Translation Matrix for query:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
query query eis; vordering; vraag
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
query aanvragen; aanzoeken; bidden; rekwestreren; smeken; uitnodigen; verzoeken; vraag stellen; vragen