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Detailed Translations for status from Dutch to English


status [de ~ (m)] noun

  1. de status (prestige; aanzien; achtbaarheid)
    the status; the prestige; the respectability
  2. de status
    the state; the status
    – The condition at a particular time of any of numerous elements of computing--a device, a communications channel, a network station, a program, a bit, or other element--used to report on or to control computer operations. 1
  3. de status
    the health
    – Information about a client computer that Network Access Protection (NAP) uses to allow or deny access to a network and which is encapsulated in a statement of health (SoH), which is issued by a system health agent (SHA) on the client computer. 1
  4. de status
    the health
    – The overall state of a computer's condition. Computer health includes aggregate information about system performance, update status, backup status, and antivirus and malware signatures. 1
  5. de status (betalingsstatus)
    the status; the payment status
    – The condition of the payment schedule of an account or a business contact; possible values are 'current' or 'overdue'. 1
  6. de status (beschikbaarheid; online status)
    the status; the availability; the online status
    – The condition of a user that can be displayed to the user's contacts to communicate whether the user is currently online and available, offline and unavailable, and so on. 1
  7. de status (goedkeuringsstatus)
    the status; the approval status
    – The approval status for an entry. 1

Translation Matrix for status:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
approval status goedkeuringsstatus; status
availability beschikbaarheid; online status; status beschikbaarheid; beschikking; inzetbaarheid
health status gezondheid; welzijn
online status beschikbaarheid; online status; status
payment status betalingsstatus; status
prestige aanzien; achtbaarheid; prestige; status
respectability aanzien; achtbaarheid; prestige; status achtbaarheid; achtenswaardigheid; betamelijkheid; deftigheid; eerbaarheid; eerbiedwaardigheid; faam; fatsoen; fatsoenlijkheid; gepastheid; keurigheid; kiesheid; naam; netheid; reputatie; roep; statigheid; welgemanierdheid; welvoeglijkheid
state status conditie; gesteldheid; land; natie; positie; rijk; staat; toestand
status aanzien; achtbaarheid; beschikbaarheid; betalingsstatus; goedkeuringsstatus; online status; prestige; status
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
state afkondigen; bekendmaken; berichten; informeren; meedelen; melden; mening kenbaar maken; proclameren; rapporteren; verkondigen; verslag uitbrengen
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
health gezondheids

Related Words for "status":

  • statussen

Wiktionary Translations for status:

  1. (medisch, nld) stand, toestand, dossier over patiënt in ziekenhuis
  1. status or condition
  2. a person’s position or standing relative to that of others
  3. situation or state of affairs

Cross Translation:
status state; standing Stand — bestimmte Eigenschaft, Beschaffenheit, Verfassung von etwas