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  1. sysadmin:


Detailed Translations for sysadmin from Dutch to English



  1. sysadmin (beheerder; systeembeheerder)
    the administrator; the system administrator; the sysadmin
    – The person responsible for setting up and managing local computers, stand-alone servers, member servers, or domain controllers. An administrator performs such duties as assigning user accounts and passwords, establishing security access levels, watching for unauthorized access, allocating storage space, and helping users with networking problems. 1

Translation Matrix for sysadmin:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
administrator beheerder; sysadmin; systeembeheerder Administrator; Administrator-account; administrateur; administrator; beheerder; boekhouder; computerbeheerder; ingebouwde administrator; ingebouwde administratoraccount; intendant; referendaris
sysadmin beheerder; sysadmin; systeembeheerder
system administrator beheerder; sysadmin; systeembeheerder