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  1. vastloper:


Detailed Translations for vastloper from Dutch to English



  1. vastloper (crash)
    the crash
    – The failure of either a program or a disk drive. A program crash results in the loss of all unsaved data and can leave the operating system unstable enough to require restarting the computer. A disk drive crash, sometimes called a disk crash, leaves the drive inoperable and can cause loss of data. 1

Translation Matrix for vastloper:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
crash crash; vastloper aanrijding; aanvaring; afname; barst; beurskrach; botsing; breuk; collisie; daling; debacle; dreun; ineenstorting; ineenzakking; instorting; klap; knal; krach; krak; kwak; minder worden; scheur; smak; terugloop; val
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
crash aanrijden; botsen; crashen; ineenstorten; instorten; ontbinden; op elkaar knallen; op elkaar stoten; rotten; stoten op; vastlopen; vergaan; verongelukken; verrotten; verteren; wegrotten