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  1. schutter:
  2. Wiktionary:
    • schutter → tireur d'élite, tireur


Detailed Translations for schutter from Dutch to French


schutter [de ~ (m)] noun

  1. de schutter (scherpschutter)
    le tireur; le canonnier; le tireur d'élite

Translation Matrix for schutter:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
canonnier scherpschutter; schutter kanonnier
tireur scherpschutter; schutter kanonnier
tireur d'élite scherpschutter; schutter kanonnier; sluipschutter

Related Words for "schutter":

  • schutteren, schutters

Wiktionary Translations for schutter:

Cross Translation:
schutter → tireur d'élite marksman — a man skilled in shooting at a target
schutter tireur shooter — a person who shoots