Detailed Translations for zich from Dutch to Swedish



  1. zich (zichzelf)

Translation Matrix for zich:

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ensjälv zich; zichzelf

Related Definitions for "zich":

  1. wederkerend1
    • hij wast zich1

Wiktionary Translations for zich:

Cross Translation:
zich lägga sig i butt in — join conversation
zich representera; personifiera epitomize — be an epitome
zich klara sig get along — survive; to do well enough
zich trampa i klaveret ↔ put one's foot in one's mouth — misspeak; say something embarrassing or wrong
zich besluta; resolvera resolve — make a firm decision
zich sig sichReflexivpronomen der dritten Person Singular
zich sig sichReflexivpronomen der dritten Person Plural

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