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Detailed Translations for undantag from Swedish to English


undantag [-ett] noun

  1. undantag
    the exception
  2. undantag
    the exceptions
  3. undantag
    the exception
    – An abnormal condition or error that occurs during the execution of a program. An exception requires the execution of software outside the normal flow of control. 1
  4. undantag
    the Hold
    – An object (list item) that is used as the central point of tracking for an event that requires the suspension of policy. 1
  5. undantag
    the exception
    – An instruction that tells Windows Firewall to open a port briefly, allow a program or service to pass a specific piece of information through, and then close the port. These instructions are called "exceptions" because normally the firewall blocks all unsolicited attempts to send information. 1

Translation Matrix for undantag:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Hold undantag Parkera
exception undantag
exceptions undantag

Synonyms for "undantag":

  • sidospår; särfall; avsteg från reglerna; speciallösning

Wiktionary Translations for undantag:

Cross Translation:
undantag exception Ausnahme — Abweichung von einer Regel
undantag exception Exzeptionveraltet, ungebräuchlich: Ausnahme
undantag exception exceptionaction d’excepter.

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