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Detailed Translations for ha from Swedish to English


ha verb (har, hade, haft)

  1. ha (äga; besitta)
    to have; to possess; to own
    • have verb (has, had, having)
    • possess verb (possesses, possessed, possessing)
    • own verb (owns, owned, owning)

Conjugations for ha:

  1. har
  2. har
  3. har
  4. har
  5. har
  6. har
  1. hade
  2. hade
  3. hade
  4. hade
  5. hade
  6. hade
framtid 1
  1. kommer att ha
  2. kommer att ha
  3. kommer att ha
  4. kommer att ha
  5. kommer att ha
  6. kommer att ha
framtid 2
  1. skall ha
  2. skall ha
  3. skall ha
  4. skall ha
  5. skall ha
  6. skall ha
  1. skulle ha
  2. skulle ha
  3. skulle ha
  4. skulle ha
  5. skulle ha
  6. skulle ha
perfekt particip
  1. har haft
  2. har haft
  3. har haft
  4. har haft
  5. har haft
  6. har haft
imperfekt particip
  1. hade haft
  2. hade haft
  3. hade haft
  4. hade haft
  5. hade haft
  6. hade haft
  1. har!
  2. har!
  3. had
  4. harande
1. jag, 2. du/ni, 3. han/hon/den/det, 4. vi, 5. ni, 6. de

Translation Matrix for ha:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
have besitta; ha; äga
own besitta; ha; äga
possess besitta; ha; äga
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
own egen; eget
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
have aväta; inneha
own vidgå; vidkännas

Synonyms for "ha":

Wiktionary Translations for ha:

  1. to be related to
  2. to possess
  3. auxiliary used in forming the perfect and the past perfect tenses
  4. transitive: to cause to stop functioning
  5. transitive: to separate into (to cause to end up in) two or more pieces
  6. (archaic) used to form the perfect aspect with certain intransitive verbs

Cross Translation:
ha possess besitzen — (umgangssprachlich) etwas als Eigentum haben, über das man verfügen kann
ha have; have got habenHilfsverb zur Bildung zusammengesetzter Zeiten
ha have; have got haben — (transitiv) eine Sache besitzen
ha have; have got avoir — Posséder.
ha have; have got avoir — Être en relation.
ha have avoir — Verbe auxiliaire.

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