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Detailed Translations for kanal from Swedish to English


kanal [-en] noun

  1. kanal
    the canal; the channel
  2. kanal
    the channel
    – A path through which information passes between two computers or devices. It can refer to the physical medium (such as wires) or to a set of properties that distinguishes one channel from another. 1
  3. kanal
    the channel
    – The distribution method used for a campaign activity in a marketing campaign. 1
  4. kanal (dike; farväg)
    the groove; the channel; the fairway; the ditch; the lane
  5. kanal (kommunikationskanal)
    the channel; the communication channel; the communications channel
    – A medium for transferring information. Depending on its type, a communications channel can carry information (data, sound, and/or video) in either analog or digital form. A communications channel can be a physical link, such as the cable connecting two stations in a network, or it can consist of some electromagnetic transmission on one or more frequencies within a bandwidth in the electromagnetic spectrum, as in radio and television, or in optical, microwave, or voice-grade communication. 1

Translation Matrix for kanal:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
canal kanal stadskanal
channel dike; farväg; kanal; kommunikationskanal tevekanal
communication channel kanal; kommunikationskanal
communications channel kanal; kommunikationskanal
ditch dike; farväg; kanal dike
fairway dike; farväg; kanal
groove dike; farväg; kanal dike; fåra; hack; inskärning; myntinkast; repa; räffla; skåra; springa
lane dike; farväg; kanal allé; byväg; körbana; körfil; landsortsväg; lantväg; liten gata; stig
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
groove fåra; karva; skåra
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
channel farled; inseglingsränna; segelled; segelränna
ditch dika
fairway farled; segelled
groove falsa; käl

Synonyms for "kanal":

Wiktionary Translations for kanal:

  1. A means by which something is transmitted
  2. artificial waterway

Cross Translation:
kanal waterway; canal vaart — een kanaal, een bevaarbaar gemaakte watergang
kanal canal kanaal — waterstaat|nld gegraven waterweg, (scheepvaartkanaal)
kanal canal Grachtniederdeutsch, ostniederdeutsch: Wassergraben, Kanal
kanal canal Gracht — innerstädtische Kanalstraße niederländischer oder vereinzelt deutscher Städte
kanal channel Kanal — bestimmter Frequenzbereich in Rundfunk- oder Fernsehtechnik
kanal canal Kanal — allgemeiner Übertragungsweg für Information in der Informationstheorie
kanal channel Kanal — natürliche Meeresstraße
kanal drain; sewer Kanal — Abwasserentsorgung im Siedlungsgebiet
kanal canal Kanal — künstlich errichteter Wasserlauf oder Verkehrsweg

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