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Detailed Translations for pool from Swedish to English


pool [-en] noun

  1. pool (swimming pool)
    the swimming pool; the pool
    – pool that provides a facility for swimming 1
  2. pool (damm; liten sjö)
    the pond; the lake
    the pool
    – a small lake 1
  3. pool
    the pool
    – A group of things, such as invoices, sales orders, or productions, that have characteristics in common and are to be handled in a similar fashion. 2

Translation Matrix for pool:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lake damm; liten sjö; pool damm; sjö
pond damm; liten sjö; pool damm; sjö
pool damm; liten sjö; pool; swimming pool insatser; spelpengar
swimming pool pool; swimming pool
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lake insjö
pool göl; pott; pulla; puss; pöl; vattenpuss
swimming pool simbassäng

Synonyms for "pool":

Wiktionary Translations for pool:

  1. body of water
  2. supply of resources

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