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Detailed Translations for rulla from Swedish to English


rulla verb (rullar, rullade, rullat)

  1. rulla (rulla bort)
    to roll; to roll away
    • roll verb (rolls, rolled, rolling)
    • roll away verb (rolls away, rolled away, rolling away)
  2. rulla (trilla)
    – move heavily 1
    • trundle verb
      • the streetcar trundled down the avenue1
    to cart
    – transport something in a cart 1
    • cart verb (carts, carted, carting)
    to wheel
    – wheel somebody or something 1
    • wheel verb (wheels, wheeled, wheeling)
  3. rulla (glida)
    to taxi
    • taxi verb (taxis, taxied, taxiing)
  4. rulla (plumsa; tumla; sprattla; knoga)
    to flounder
    • flounder verb (flounders, floundered, floundering)
  5. rulla
    – To move a document or other data in a window in order to view a particular portion of the document. Scrolling may be controlled by the mouse, arrow keys, or other keys on the keyboard. 2

Conjugations for rulla:

  1. rullar
  2. rullar
  3. rullar
  4. rullar
  5. rullar
  6. rullar
  1. rullade
  2. rullade
  3. rullade
  4. rullade
  5. rullade
  6. rullade
framtid 1
  1. kommer att rulla
  2. kommer att rulla
  3. kommer att rulla
  4. kommer att rulla
  5. kommer att rulla
  6. kommer att rulla
framtid 2
  1. skall rulla
  2. skall rulla
  3. skall rulla
  4. skall rulla
  5. skall rulla
  6. skall rulla
  1. skulle rulla
  2. skulle rulla
  3. skulle rulla
  4. skulle rulla
  5. skulle rulla
  6. skulle rulla
perfekt particip
  1. har rullat
  2. har rullat
  3. har rullat
  4. har rullat
  5. har rullat
  6. har rullat
imperfekt particip
  1. hade rullat
  2. hade rullat
  3. hade rullat
  4. hade rullat
  5. hade rullat
  6. hade rullat
  1. rulla!
  2. rulla!
  3. rullad
  4. rullande
1. jag, 2. du/ni, 3. han/hon/den/det, 4. vi, 5. ni, 6. de

Translation Matrix for rulla:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cart kots; kärra; liten vagn; skrinda; vagn
flounder flundra; rödspätta
roll franskbröd; limpa; rulle; spol
taxi taxi
wheel kvarn; ratt; styrhjul
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cart rulla; trilla
flounder knoga; plumsa; rulla; sprattla; tumla irra omkring; prata strunt
roll rulla; rulla bort gunga; svaja; svalla; vagga; vända sig
roll away rulla; rulla bort rulla bort
scroll rulla slinga
taxi glida; rulla
trundle rulla; trilla
wheel rulla; trilla
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
roll kavla; krängning; kuvertbröd; mullra; vals; vältra
scroll kringelkrok; pappersbunt; snäcklinje
taxi droskbil
trundle vältra

Synonyms for "rulla":

Wiktionary Translations for rulla:

  1. to spin or revolve repeatedly
  2. to cause to revolve
  3. to wrap round on itself
  4. to bind or involve by winding
  5. to drive or impel forward with an easy motion
  6. to move, or cause to be moved, upon rollers or small wheels

Cross Translation:
rulla roller; drum; scroll rouleau — Traductions à trier

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