Detailed Translations for somersault from English to German


somersault [the ~] noun

  1. the somersault
    der Purzelbaum; die Rolle
  2. the somersault
    der Saltomortale
  3. the somersault (flip)
    der Überschlag; der Salto

to somersault verb (somersaults, somersaulted, somersaulting)

  1. to somersault (tumble)
    taumeln; stürzen; fallen; einenPurzelbaumschlagen; fliegen; kippen; hinfallen; umfallen; umkippen; purzeln
    • taumeln verb (taumele, taumelst, taumelt, taumelte, taumeltet, getaumelt)
    • stürzen verb (stürze, stürzest, stürzt, stürzte, stürztet, gestürzt)
    • fallen verb (falle, fällst, fällt, fiel, fielt, gefallen)
    • fliegen verb (fliege, fliegst, fliegt, flog, flogt, geflogen)
    • kippen verb (kippe, kippst, kippt, kippte, kipptet, gekippt)
    • hinfallen verb (falle hin, fällst hin, fällt hin, fiel hin, fielt hin, hingefallen)
    • umfallen verb
    • umkippen verb (kippe um, kippst um, kippt um, kippte um, kipptet um, umgekippt)
    • purzeln verb (purzele, purzelst, purzelt, purzelte, purzeltet, gepurzelt)
  2. to somersault

Conjugations for somersault:

  1. somersault
  2. somersault
  3. somersaults
  4. somersault
  5. somersault
  6. somersault
simple past
  1. somersaulted
  2. somersaulted
  3. somersaulted
  4. somersaulted
  5. somersaulted
  6. somersaulted
present perfect
  1. have somersaulted
  2. have somersaulted
  3. has somersaulted
  4. have somersaulted
  5. have somersaulted
  6. have somersaulted
past continuous
  1. was somersaulting
  2. were somersaulting
  3. was somersaulting
  4. were somersaulting
  5. were somersaulting
  6. were somersaulting
  1. shall somersault
  2. will somersault
  3. will somersault
  4. shall somersault
  5. will somersault
  6. will somersault
continuous present
  1. am somersaulting
  2. are somersaulting
  3. is somersaulting
  4. are somersaulting
  5. are somersaulting
  6. are somersaulting
  1. be somersaulted
  2. be somersaulted
  3. be somersaulted
  4. be somersaulted
  5. be somersaulted
  6. be somersaulted
  1. somersault!
  2. let's somersault!
  3. somersaulted
  4. somersaulting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for somersault:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Purzelbaum somersault tumble
Rolle somersault bobbin; coil; reel; role; role in theatre or movie; roll; security role; sheave; spool; turn; winder; winding
Salto flip; somersault
Saltomortale somersault
Überschlag flip; somersault looping; tumble
- flip; somersaulting; somerset; summersault; summerset
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Purzelbaum schlagen somersault
einenPurzelbaumschlagen somersault; tumble
fallen somersault; tumble be a failure; be going down hill; be overthrown; clear; clear the table; decline; delay; drop; empty the table; fall; fall flat; fall over; go under; perish; postpone; prolapse; regress; sag; set; sink; slip; submerge; subside; succumb; suffer; take a nosedive; thunder; topple over; trip; tumble; waining
fliegen somersault; tumble be a failure; be overthrown; fall; fly; take a nosedive
hinfallen somersault; tumble be a failure; be overthrown; fall; flop down; plop down; plump down; take a nosedive
kippen somersault; tumble angle; drop; fall; flip; lean; overturn; slant; tilt; tip; tip over; trip up; tumble; turn over
purzeln somersault; tumble be a failure; be overthrown; drop; fall; take a nosedive; trip up; tumble
stürzen somersault; tumble be a failure; be overthrown; crouch; deposit; fall; fall away; get a move on; hasten; huddle up; hunch up; hurry; plummet; plunge; pour; race; remit; run; rush; slump; sprinkle; sprint; take a nosedive; take a plunge; throw down; thunder; tumble down
taumeln somersault; tumble confuse; cradle; drop; fall; fluctuate; make dizzy; rock; roll; stagger; sway; swing; trip up; tumble; vary; waddle
umfallen somersault; tumble drop; fall; fall over; overturn; trip up; tumble
umkippen somersault; tumble drop; fall; flip; floor; hit over; knock down; knock over; tip over; topple over; trip up; tumble; turn over; upend; wrap around the body

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Related Definitions for "somersault":

  1. an acrobatic feat in which the feet roll over the head (either forward or backward) and return1
  2. do a somersault1

Wiktionary Translations for somersault:

  1. the act of going head over heels
  1. eine Rolle in der Luft; die schnelle Drehung eines Menschen oder Flugzeugs um seine Querachse in der Luft
  2. (umgangssprachlich), kindersprachlich: eine Rolle vorwärts

Cross Translation:
somersault Purzelbaum galipette — Cabriole, pirouette, roulade.