Detailed Translations for somersault from English to French


somersault [the ~] noun

  1. the somersault
    le roulé-boulé; la culbute
  2. the somersault
  3. the somersault (flip)
    la culbute; le saut

to somersault verb (somersaults, somersaulted, somersaulting)

  1. to somersault (tumble)
    tomber; renverser; basculer; dégringoler; culbuter; faire la culbute
    • tomber verb (tombe, tombes, tombons, tombez, )
    • renverser verb (renverse, renverses, renversons, renversez, )
    • basculer verb (bascule, bascules, basculons, basculez, )
    • dégringoler verb (dégringole, dégringoles, dégringolons, dégringolez, )
    • culbuter verb (culbute, culbutes, culbutons, culbutez, )
  2. to somersault

Conjugations for somersault:

  1. somersault
  2. somersault
  3. somersaults
  4. somersault
  5. somersault
  6. somersault
simple past
  1. somersaulted
  2. somersaulted
  3. somersaulted
  4. somersaulted
  5. somersaulted
  6. somersaulted
present perfect
  1. have somersaulted
  2. have somersaulted
  3. has somersaulted
  4. have somersaulted
  5. have somersaulted
  6. have somersaulted
past continuous
  1. was somersaulting
  2. were somersaulting
  3. was somersaulting
  4. were somersaulting
  5. were somersaulting
  6. were somersaulting
  1. shall somersault
  2. will somersault
  3. will somersault
  4. shall somersault
  5. will somersault
  6. will somersault
continuous present
  1. am somersaulting
  2. are somersaulting
  3. is somersaulting
  4. are somersaulting
  5. are somersaulting
  6. are somersaulting
  1. be somersaulted
  2. be somersaulted
  3. be somersaulted
  4. be somersaulted
  5. be somersaulted
  6. be somersaulted
  1. somersault!
  2. let's somersault!
  3. somersaulted
  4. somersaulting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for somersault:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
culbute flip; somersault caper; shenanigan; silly trick; stumbling; training cup; tumble
roulé-boulé somersault
saut flip; somersault high jump
sauts périlleux somersault somersaults
- flip; somersaulting; somerset; summersault; summerset
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
basculer somersault; tumble be a failure; be overthrown; capsize; drop; fall; fall down; fall over; flip; hit over; knock down; overturn; strike down; switch; take a nosedive; trip up; tumble; turn over; upend
culbuter somersault; tumble drop; fall; fall down; fall over; knock down; strike down; trip up; tumble
dégringoler somersault; tumble drop; fall; fall down; knock down; strike down; trip up; tumble
faire la culbute somersault; tumble be a failure; be overthrown; fall; take a nosedive
faire un roulé-boulé somersault
renverser somersault; tumble alter; be a failure; be overthrown; bend; blow down; bowl over; bring down; change; drive over; fall; go back; hit over; jump down; knock down; knock over; modify; overthrow; overturn; pull down; push over; recast; reform; refound; reshape; return; rewrite; run over; take a nosedive; throw over; tip over; topple; topple over; turn around; upend; upset
tomber somersault; tumble be a failure; be overthrown; collapse; come down; crash down; depend on; descend; drape; drop; end up somewhere; fall; fall down; fall off; fall over; go down; hang; land; pour in; sink; take a nosedive; thunder down; trip up; tumble; tumble down
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
saut jump

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Related Definitions for "somersault":

  1. an acrobatic feat in which the feet roll over the head (either forward or backward) and return1
  2. do a somersault1

Wiktionary Translations for somersault:

  1. the act of going head over heels
  1. Cabriole, pirouette, roulade.

Cross Translation:
somersault saut périlleux Salto — eine Rolle in der Luft; die schnelle Drehung eines Menschen oder Flugzeugs um seine Querachse in der Luft