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Detailed Translations for chieftain from English to Spanish


chieftain [the ~] noun

  1. the chieftain (tribal chief; head; chief; leader)
    el gran jefe; el jefe; el cacique

Translation Matrix for chieftain:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cacique chief; chieftain; head; leader; tribal chief
gran jefe chief; chieftain; head; leader; tribal chief
jefe chief; chieftain; head; leader; tribal chief VIP; beginning; beginning of a letter; boss; captain; centurion; chief; commander; foreman; forewoman; front-rank man; governor; head; headman; leader; lord; master; principal; ruler; superior; topdog; viceroy; woman-leader
- captain; chief; headman; tribal chief

Related Words for "chieftain":

  • chieftains

Synonyms for "chieftain":

Related Definitions for "chieftain":

  1. the leader of a group of people1
  2. the head of a tribe or clan1

Wiktionary Translations for chieftain:

  1. A leader of a group, e.g. a robbers' chieftain
  2. A leader of a clan or tribe

Cross Translation:
chieftain jefe de tribu; cacique Häuptling — Oberhaupt eines Volksstammes, Stammesoberhaupt eines Naturvolkes