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Detailed Translations for splurge from English to Spanish


to splurge verb (splurges, splurged, splurging)

  1. to splurge (live it up; go to town)

Conjugations for splurge:

  1. splurge
  2. splurge
  3. splurges
  4. splurge
  5. splurge
  6. splurge
simple past
  1. splurged
  2. splurged
  3. splurged
  4. splurged
  5. splurged
  6. splurged
present perfect
  1. have splurged
  2. have splurged
  3. has splurged
  4. have splurged
  5. have splurged
  6. have splurged
past continuous
  1. was splurging
  2. were splurging
  3. was splurging
  4. were splurging
  5. were splurging
  6. were splurging
  1. shall splurge
  2. will splurge
  3. will splurge
  4. shall splurge
  5. will splurge
  6. will splurge
continuous present
  1. am splurging
  2. are splurging
  3. is splurging
  4. are splurging
  5. are splurging
  6. are splurging
  1. be splurged
  2. be splurged
  3. be splurged
  4. be splurged
  5. be splurged
  6. be splurged
  1. splurge!
  2. let's splurge!
  3. splurged
  4. splurging
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

splurge [the ~] noun

  1. the splurge (excess; extravagance)
    el exceso; la desmedida; el desenfreno

Translation Matrix for splurge:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
desenfreno excess; extravagance; splurge being unrestrained; debauchery; dissipation; excess; excrescence; extravagance; lawlessness; licentiousness; unbridledness
desmedida excess; extravagance; splurge
exceso excess; extravagance; splurge boyish prank; excess; excrescence; exuberance; immoderateness; mischief; monkey trick; overflow; practical joke; prank; profusion; surplus; unlimitedness
- binge; orgy
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
desenfrenarse go to town; live it up; splurge
desquiciarse go to town; live it up; splurge mix up
- fling

Related Words for "splurge":

  • splurging, splurges

Synonyms for "splurge":

Related Definitions for "splurge":

  1. any act of immoderate indulgence1
    • a splurge of spending1
  2. an ostentatious display (of effort or extravagance etc.)1
  3. be showy or ostentatious1
  4. indulge oneself1
    • I splurged on a new TV1

Wiktionary Translations for splurge:

  1. to flow or move in rush
  2. to spend lavishly or extravagantly
  1. extravagant indulgence

Cross Translation:
splurge chicanear; presumir protzen — mit etwas angeben