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Detailed Translations for tidbit from English to Spanish


tidbit [the ~] noun

  1. the tidbit (delicacy; refreshment; snack; titbit)
    la golosina
  2. the tidbit (refreshment; delicacy)
    el refresco; la renovación; el refrigerio

Translation Matrix for tidbit:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
golosina delicacy; refreshment; snack; tidbit; titbit fancy dish; trifle
refresco delicacy; refreshment; tidbit chill; cold snap; cool; cooling; cooling-draught; coolness; lemon syrup; lemonade; pop; refreshment; soda; soda pop; soft drink
refrigerio delicacy; refreshment; tidbit cold lunch; fancy dish; lunch; snack; trifle
renovación delicacy; refreshment; tidbit innovation; prolongation; rebuilding; reform; reformation; refreshment; renewal; renovation
- choice morsel; titbit

Related Words for "tidbit":

  • tidbits

Synonyms for "tidbit":

Related Definitions for "tidbit":

  1. a small tasty bit of food1

Wiktionary Translations for tidbit:

Cross Translation:
tidbit dulce friandiseconfiserie ou pâtisserie de petite taille.