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Detailed Translations for way out from English to Spanish

way out:

way out [the ~] noun

  1. the way out (exit)
    la salida; la desinencia; el escape; la escapatoria
  2. the way out (escape route; possible escape)
    la contestación; el escape

Translation Matrix for way out:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
contestación escape route; possible escape; way out answer; reaction; reply; response; retort
desinencia exit; way out
escapatoria exit; way out escape route; jaunt
escape escape route; exit; possible escape; way out answer; exhaust; exhaust pipe; hole; leak; leakage; outflow; outlet; punch-mark; puncture; release; resolution; solution; spill; valve-flap
salida exit; way out departing; departure; exit; exodus; expedient; going away; help; leaving; makeshift; output; putting to sea; remedy; resources; sailing; starting; taking off
- exit; issue; outlet
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- expedient; means; resource

Synonyms for "way out":

Related Definitions for "way out":

  1. an opening that permits escape or release1
    • he blocked the way out1

Wiktionary Translations for way out:

Cross Translation:
way out salida uitgang — een weg waarlangs men een ruimte verlaten kan
way out salida AuswegWeg, der aus einem (meist unangenehmen oder gefährlichen) Ort hinaus führen
way out solución Auswegim übertragenen Sinne: rettende Lösung in einer schwierigen Situation
way out salida issuesortie, lieu par où l’on sortir.
way out salida sortieaction de sortir.

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