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  1. metastasise:


Detailed Translations for metastasise from English to French


to metastasise verb, British

  1. to metastasise (sow; metastasize; disseminate)
    semer; répandre; transmettre; disséminer
    • semer verb (sème, sèmes, semons, semez, )
    • répandre verb (répands, répand, répandons, répandez, )
    • transmettre verb (transmets, transmet, transmettons, transmettez, )
    • disséminer verb (dissémine, dissémines, disséminons, disséminez, )

Translation Matrix for metastasise:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
disséminer disseminate; metastasise; metastasize; sow break up; disperse; dissipate; fan out; hive off; scatter; swarm about; swarm around
répandre disseminate; metastasise; metastasize; sow blab; blurt out; carry out a message; cast around; collapse; confer; dish out; disperse; disseminate; distribute; dole out; fan out; feed; give out; hand out; hand round; hive off; lay out; let slip out; make generally known; narrate; parcel out; pass around; pass on; put ready; report; scatter; shed; sow; spread; sprinkle; strew about; swarm about; swarm around; tell; tip the scales; toss about
semer disseminate; metastasise; metastasize; sow sow
transmettre disseminate; metastasise; metastasize; sow beam; blab; carry out a message; contaminate; delate; deliver up; disseminate; extend; feed; forward; give; give to; hand; hand on; hand over; infect; offer; pass; pass on; poison; present with; redirect; remit; send; send on; send to; spread; tell; transfer
- metastasize

Synonyms for "metastasise":

Related Definitions for "metastasise":

  1. spread throughout the body1