Detailed Translations for put ready from English to French

put ready:

to put ready verb (puts ready, put ready, putting ready)

  1. to put ready (lay out)
    disposer; mettre à la disposition de; préparer
    • disposer verb (dispose, disposes, disposons, disposez, )
    • préparer verb (prépare, prépares, préparons, préparez, )
  2. to put ready (set out)
    préparer; mettre à la disposition
    • préparer verb (prépare, prépares, préparons, préparez, )
  3. to put ready (spread; lay out)
    déployer; étaler; étendre; préparer; répandre
    • déployer verb (déploie, déploies, déployons, déployez, )
    • étaler verb (étale, étales, étalons, étalez, )
    • étendre verb (étends, étend, étendons, étendez, )
    • préparer verb (prépare, prépares, préparons, préparez, )
    • répandre verb (répands, répand, répandons, répandez, )

Conjugations for put ready:

  1. put ready
  2. put ready
  3. puts ready
  4. put ready
  5. put ready
  6. put ready
simple past
  1. put ready
  2. put ready
  3. put ready
  4. put ready
  5. put ready
  6. put ready
present perfect
  1. have put ready
  2. have put ready
  3. has put ready
  4. have put ready
  5. have put ready
  6. have put ready
past continuous
  1. was putting ready
  2. were putting ready
  3. was putting ready
  4. were putting ready
  5. were putting ready
  6. were putting ready
  1. shall put ready
  2. will put ready
  3. will put ready
  4. shall put ready
  5. will put ready
  6. will put ready
continuous present
  1. am putting ready
  2. are putting ready
  3. is putting ready
  4. are putting ready
  5. are putting ready
  6. are putting ready
  1. be put ready
  2. be put ready
  3. be put ready
  4. be put ready
  5. be put ready
  6. be put ready
  1. put ready!
  2. let's put ready!
  3. put ready
  4. putting ready
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for put ready:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
disposer lay out; put ready
déployer lay out; put ready; spread deploy; develop; fold open; fold out; spread out; unfold
mettre à la disposition put ready; set out furnish; place at someone's disposal; provide; supply
mettre à la disposition de lay out; put ready
préparer lay out; put ready; set out; spread brew; cook; devise; get ready; lay schemes; make plans; make preparations; make ready; plan; plot; prepare
répandre lay out; put ready; spread blab; blurt out; carry out a message; cast around; collapse; confer; dish out; disperse; disseminate; distribute; dole out; fan out; feed; give out; hand out; hand round; hive off; let slip out; make generally known; metastasise; metastasize; narrate; parcel out; pass around; pass on; report; scatter; shed; sow; spread; sprinkle; strew about; swarm about; swarm around; tell; tip the scales; toss about
étaler lay out; put ready; spread attract attention; be conspicuous; be on show; cast around; disperse; display; exhibit; expand; flaunt; fold open; fold out; grow; jut out; leap out; parade; prance; present; protrude; scatter; show; show off; sow; spread; spread out; sprinkle; stand out; stick out; strew about; swell; toss about; unfold
étendre lay out; put ready; spread add; add on to; broaden; build out; cast around; deepen; disperse; enlarge; expand; extend; fold open; fold out; give; give to; grow; hand; hand over; hang out; hang outside; increase; increase in number; make more profound; pass; prolong; scatter; sow; spread; spread out; sprinkle; stretch; stretch out; strew about; swell; tighten; toss about; unfold; widen

Related Translations for put ready