Detailed Translations for criticise from English to Dutch


criticise verb, British

  1. criticise (carp on; blast; find fault with; criticize)
  2. to criticise (criticize; decry; castigate; censure)
    • hekelen verb (hekel, hekelt, hekelde, hekelden, gehekeld)
  3. to criticise (criticize; slate; run down; censure)
    kritiseren; afkraken; katten; kraken
    • kritiseren verb (kritiseer, kritiseert, kritiseerde, kritiseerden, gekritiseerd)
    • afkraken verb (kraak af, kraakt af, kraakte af, kraakten af, afgekraakt)
    • katten verb (kat, katte, katten, gekat)
    • kraken verb (kraak, kraakt, kraakte, kraakten, gekraakt)
  4. to criticise (criticize; review; write a review)
    • recenseren verb (recenseer, recenseert, recenseerde, recenseerden, gerecenseerd)
  5. to criticise (criticize)
    beoordelen; goed- of afkeuren

Translation Matrix for criticise:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
kraken crack; crunching
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afkraken censure; criticise; criticize; run down; slate
bekritiseren blast; carp on; criticise; criticize; find fault with
beoordelen criticise; criticize
goed- of afkeuren criticise; criticize
hekelen castigate; censure; criticise; criticize; decry
katten censure; criticise; criticize; run down; slate
kraken censure; criticise; criticize; run down; slate break house; break open; crack; decode; force open; tear open
kritiseren censure; criticise; criticize; run down; slate
recenseren criticise; criticize; review; write a review
- criticize; knock; pick apart
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- comment on; criticize; find fault with; scan closely; scrutinize closely

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Related Definitions for "criticise":

  1. find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws1
  2. act as a critic1

Wiktionary Translations for criticise:

  1. to find fault
  2. to evaluate