Detailed Translations for adored from English to Dutch


adored [the ~] noun

  1. the adored (privileged; favoured; cherished; loved)

Translation Matrix for adored:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bevoorrechte adored; cherished; favoured; loved; privileged
voorgetrokkene adored; cherished; favoured; loved; privileged
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- idolised; idolized; worshipped

Related Words for "adored":

Synonyms for "adored":

  • idolized; idolised; worshipped; loved

Related Definitions for "adored":

  1. regarded with deep or rapturous love (especially as if for a god)1
    • adored grandchildren1

adored form of adore:

to adore verb (adores, adored, adoring)

  1. to adore (love; be fond of)
    houden van; beminnen; liefhebben
    • houden van verb
    • beminnen verb (bemin, bemint, beminde, beminden, bemind)
    • liefhebben verb (heb lief, hebt lief, had lief, hadden lief, lief gehad)
  2. to adore (worship; glorify; idolize; idolise)
    aanbidden; adoreren; verafgoden
    • aanbidden verb (aanbid, aanbidt, aanbad, aanbaden, aanbeden)
    • adoreren verb
    • verafgoden verb (verafgod, verafgodt, verafgoodde, verafgoodden, verafgod)
  3. to adore (pray to; worship; looking exalted)
    aanbidden; bidden tot

Conjugations for adore:

  1. adore
  2. adore
  3. adores
  4. adore
  5. adore
  6. adore
simple past
  1. adored
  2. adored
  3. adored
  4. adored
  5. adored
  6. adored
present perfect
  1. have adored
  2. have adored
  3. has adored
  4. have adored
  5. have adored
  6. have adored
past continuous
  1. was adoring
  2. were adoring
  3. was adoring
  4. were adoring
  5. were adoring
  6. were adoring
  1. shall adore
  2. will adore
  3. will adore
  4. shall adore
  5. will adore
  6. will adore
continuous present
  1. am adoring
  2. are adoring
  3. is adoring
  4. are adoring
  5. are adoring
  6. are adoring
  1. be adored
  2. be adored
  3. be adored
  4. be adored
  5. be adored
  6. be adored
  1. adore!
  2. let's adore!
  3. adored
  4. adoring
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for adore:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanbidden adoration; deference; regard; respect; reverence; veneration; worship
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanbidden adore; glorify; idolise; idolize; looking exalted; pray to; worship
adoreren adore; glorify; idolise; idolize; worship
beminnen adore; be fond of; love caress; caress each other; cuddle; love; make love; neck
bidden tot adore; looking exalted; pray to; worship
houden van adore; be fond of; love be fond of; fancy; have a taste for; like
liefhebben adore; be fond of; love
verafgoden adore; glorify; idolise; idolize; worship

Related Words for "adore":

Synonyms for "adore":

Related Definitions for "adore":

  1. love intensely1
    • he just adored his wife1

Wiktionary Translations for adore:

  1. love with entire heart and soul
  2. worship
  1. bidden tot een God of heilige
  2. een persoon op hogere waarde inschatten

Cross Translation:
adore dwepen schwärmenfür etwas oder jemanden schwärmen: sich für etwas oder jemanden außerordentlich begeistern
adore aanbidden; adoreren adorer — (religion) honorer une divinité en lui rendre le culte qui lui devoir.
adore aanbidden; adoreren; verafgoden; vereren idolâtreraimer avec excès quelqu’un ou quelque chose.
adore aanbidden; adoreren; verafgoden; vereren vénérer — Rendre un culte à un dieu, à un saint ou à des choses saintes ou sacrées ; adorer.