Detailed Translations for be ready from English to Dutch

be ready:

to be ready verb (is ready, being ready)

  1. to be ready (be prepared)
    bereid zijn; klaarstaan
    • bereid zijn verb (ben bereid, bent bereid, is bereid, was bereid, waren bereid, bereid geweest)
    • klaarstaan verb (sta klaar, staat klaar, stond klaar, stonden klaar, klaargestaan)
  2. to be ready
    af zijn; klaar zijn
    • af zijn verb
    • klaar zijn verb (ben klaar, bent klar, is klaar, was klaar, waren klaar, klaar geweest)
  3. to be ready
    • klaarliggen verb (ligt klaar, lag klaar, lagen klaar, klaargelegen)
  4. to be ready (be completed; be prepared)
    voltooid zijn; klaarzijn

Conjugations for be ready:

  1. am ready
  2. are ready
  3. is ready
  4. are ready
  5. are ready
  6. are ready
present perfect
  1. have been ready
  2. have been ready
  3. has been ready
  4. have been ready
  5. have been ready
  6. have been ready
past continuous
  1. was being ready
  2. were being ready
  3. was being ready
  4. were being ready
  5. were being ready
  6. were being ready
  1. shall be ready
  2. will be ready
  3. will be ready
  4. shall be ready
  5. will be ready
  6. will be ready
continuous present
  1. am being ready
  2. are being ready
  3. is being ready
  4. are being ready
  5. are being ready
  6. are being ready
  1. be been ready
  2. be been ready
  3. be been ready
  4. be been ready
  5. be been ready
  6. be been ready
  1. be ready!
  2. let's be ready!
  3. been ready
  4. being ready
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for be ready:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
klaarstaan being ready; waiting
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
af zijn be ready
bereid zijn be prepared; be ready
klaar zijn be ready
klaarliggen be ready
klaarstaan be prepared; be ready
klaarzijn be completed; be prepared; be ready
voltooid zijn be completed; be prepared; be ready

Related Translations for be ready