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  1. blurt out:


Detailed Translations for blurt out from English to Dutch

blurt out:

to blurt out verb (blurts out, blurted out, blurting out)

  1. to blurt out (blab; tip the scales; let slip out)
    verraden; verklappen; doorslaan
    • verraden verb (verraad, verraadt, verried, verrieden, verraden)
    • verklappen verb (verklap, verklapt, verklapte, verklapten, verklapt)
    • doorslaan verb (sla door, slaat door, sloeg door, sloegen door, doorgeslagen)
  2. to blurt out (blab; let slip out)

Conjugations for blurt out:

  1. blurt out
  2. blurt out
  3. blurts out
  4. blurt out
  5. blurt out
  6. blurt out
simple past
  1. blurted out
  2. blurted out
  3. blurted out
  4. blurted out
  5. blurted out
  6. blurted out
present perfect
  1. have blurted out
  2. have blurted out
  3. has blurted out
  4. have blurted out
  5. have blurted out
  6. have blurted out
past continuous
  1. was blurting out
  2. were blurting out
  3. was blurting out
  4. were blurting out
  5. were blurting out
  6. were blurting out
  1. shall blurt out
  2. will blurt out
  3. will blurt out
  4. shall blurt out
  5. will blurt out
  6. will blurt out
continuous present
  1. am blurting out
  2. are blurting out
  3. is blurting out
  4. are blurting out
  5. are blurting out
  6. are blurting out
  1. be blurted out
  2. be blurted out
  3. be blurted out
  4. be blurted out
  5. be blurted out
  6. be blurted out
  1. blurt out!
  2. let's blurt out!
  3. blurted out
  4. blurting out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for blurt out:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
doorslaan blab; blurt out; let slip out; tip the scales keep on beating; keep on hitting
uitflappen blab; blurt out; let slip out
verklappen blab; blurt out; let slip out; tip the scales betray; blab; denounce; disclose; give away; inform against; peach; report; reveal; squeak; squeal; tell tales
verraden blab; blurt out; let slip out; tip the scales betray; blab; disclose; give away; inform against; peach; reveal; squeak; squeal
- blunder; blunder out; blurt; ejaculate

Synonyms for "blurt out":

Related Definitions for "blurt out":

  1. utter impulsively1

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