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  1. bring forwards:


Detailed Translations for bring forwards from English to Dutch

bring forwards:

to bring forwards verb (brings forwards, brought forwards, bringing forwards)

  1. to bring forwards
    naar voren brengen
    • naar voren brengen verb (breng naar voren, brengt naar voren, bracht naar voren, brachten naar voren, naar voren gebracht)

Conjugations for bring forwards:

  1. bring forwards
  2. bring forwards
  3. brings forwards
  4. bring forwards
  5. bring forwards
  6. bring forwards
simple past
  1. brought forwards
  2. brought forwards
  3. brought forwards
  4. brought forwards
  5. brought forwards
  6. brought forwards
present perfect
  1. have brought forwards
  2. have brought forwards
  3. has brought forwards
  4. have brought forwards
  5. have brought forwards
  6. have brought forwards
past continuous
  1. was bringing forwards
  2. were bringing forwards
  3. was bringing forwards
  4. were bringing forwards
  5. were bringing forwards
  6. were bringing forwards
  1. shall bring forwards
  2. will bring forwards
  3. will bring forwards
  4. shall bring forwards
  5. will bring forwards
  6. will bring forwards
continuous present
  1. am bringing forwards
  2. are bringing forwards
  3. is bringing forwards
  4. are bringing forwards
  5. are bringing forwards
  6. are bringing forwards
  1. be brought forwards
  2. be brought forwards
  3. be brought forwards
  4. be brought forwards
  5. be brought forwards
  6. be brought forwards
  1. bring forwards!
  2. let's bring forwards!
  3. brought forwards
  4. bringing forwards
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for bring forwards:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
naar voren brengen bring forwards bring forward; bring in; bring something up; initiate; introduce; nominate; postulate; present; prompt; propose; put forward; raise; suggest; ventilate

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