Detailed Translations for bring out from English to Dutch

bring out:

to bring out verb (brings out, brought out, bringing out)

  1. to bring out (show)
    laten zien; tevoorschijn brengen
  2. to bring out (show)
  3. to bring out (show)
  4. to bring out (take out; show; produce)
    laten zien; tevoorschijnhalen; tevoorschijntoveren; voordedaghalen
    • laten zien verb (laat zien, liet zien, lieten zien, laten zien)
    • tevoorschijnhalen verb (haal tevoorschijn, haalt tevoorschijn, haalde tevoorschijn, haalden tevoorschijn, tevoorschijngehaald)
    • tevoorschijntoveren verb (tover tevoorschijn, tovert tevoorschijn, toverde tevoorschijn, toverden tevoorschijn, tevoorschijn getoverd)

Conjugations for bring out:

  1. bring out
  2. bring out
  3. brings out
  4. bring out
  5. bring out
  6. bring out
simple past
  1. brought out
  2. brought out
  3. brought out
  4. brought out
  5. brought out
  6. brought out
present perfect
  1. have brought out
  2. have brought out
  3. has brought out
  4. have brought out
  5. have brought out
  6. have brought out
past continuous
  1. was bringing out
  2. were bringing out
  3. was bringing out
  4. were bringing out
  5. were bringing out
  6. were bringing out
  1. shall bring out
  2. will bring out
  3. will bring out
  4. shall bring out
  5. will bring out
  6. will bring out
continuous present
  1. am bringing out
  2. are bringing out
  3. is bringing out
  4. are bringing out
  5. are bringing out
  6. are bringing out
  1. be brought out
  2. be brought out
  3. be brought out
  4. be brought out
  5. be brought out
  6. be brought out
  1. bring out!
  2. let's bring out!
  3. brought out
  4. bringing out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for bring out:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
laten zien show
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
laten zien bring out; produce; show; take out display; offer; present; show; witness
te voorschijn halen bring out; show
tevoorschijn brengen bring out; show
tevoorschijn halen bring out; show
tevoorschijnhalen bring out; produce; show; take out
tevoorschijntoveren bring out; produce; show; take out
voor de dag halen bring out; show
voordedaghalen bring out; produce; show; take out
- bring on; get out; introduce; issue; let out; produce; publish; put out; release; reveal; set off; uncover; unveil
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- launch

Synonyms for "bring out":

Related Definitions for "bring out":

  1. direct attention to, as if by means of contrast1
  2. prepare and issue for public distribution or sale1
  3. bring before the public for the first time, as of an actor, song, etc.1
  4. take out of a container or enclosed space1
  5. bring out of a specific state1
  6. encourage to be less reserved1
    • The teacher tried to bring out the shy boy1
  7. make visible1
  8. bring onto the market or release1
    • bring out a book1

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