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Detailed Translations for doze off from English to Dutch

doze off:

to doze off verb (dozes off, dozed off, dozing off)

  1. to doze off (drowse off; drop off)
    indommelen; wegzakken; indutten; insluimeren
    • indommelen verb (dommel in, dommelt in, dommelde in, dommelden in, ingedommeld)
    • wegzakken verb (zak weg, zakt weg, zakte weg, zakten weg, weggezakt)
    • indutten verb (dut in, dutte in, dutten in, ingedut)
    • insluimeren verb (sluimer in, sluimert in, sluimerde in, sluimerden in, ingesluimerd)

Conjugations for doze off:

  1. doze off
  2. doze off
  3. dozes off
  4. doze off
  5. doze off
  6. doze off
simple past
  1. dozed off
  2. dozed off
  3. dozed off
  4. dozed off
  5. dozed off
  6. dozed off
present perfect
  1. have dozed off
  2. have dozed off
  3. has dozed off
  4. have dozed off
  5. have dozed off
  6. have dozed off
past continuous
  1. was dozing off
  2. were dozing off
  3. was dozing off
  4. were dozing off
  5. were dozing off
  6. were dozing off
  1. shall doze off
  2. will doze off
  3. will doze off
  4. shall doze off
  5. will doze off
  6. will doze off
continuous present
  1. am dozing off
  2. are dozing off
  3. is dozing off
  4. are dozing off
  5. are dozing off
  6. are dozing off
  1. be dozed off
  2. be dozed off
  3. be dozed off
  4. be dozed off
  5. be dozed off
  6. be dozed off
  1. doze off!
  2. let's doze off!
  3. dozed off
  4. dozing off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for doze off:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
wegzakken going down; sinking; subsiding
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
indommelen doze off; drop off; drowse off
indutten doze off; drop off; drowse off
insluimeren doze off; drop off; drowse off
wegzakken doze off; drop off; drowse off bulge out; cave in; prolapse; sag; sink in; subside
- dope off; drift off; drop off; drowse off; fall asleep; flake out; nod off

Synonyms for "doze off":

Antonyms for "doze off":

Related Definitions for "doze off":

  1. change from a waking to a sleeping state1

Wiktionary Translations for doze off:

doze off
  1. ongemerkt in slaap vallen

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