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Detailed Translations for emanation from English to Dutch


emanation [the ~] noun

  1. the emanation (vapour; steam; evaporation; vapor)
    de uitwaseming; de wasem; zichtbare damp

Translation Matrix for emanation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
uitwaseming emanation; evaporation; steam; vapor; vapour
wasem emanation; evaporation; steam; vapor; vapour
zichtbare damp emanation; evaporation; steam; vapor; vapour
- emission; procession; rise

Related Words for "emanation":

Synonyms for "emanation":

Related Definitions for "emanation":

  1. the act of emitting; causing to flow forth1
  2. (theology) the origination of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost1
    • the emanation of the Holy Spirit1
  3. something that is emitted or radiated (as a gas or an odor or a light, etc.)1

Wiktionary Translations for emanation:

  1. iets dat door een lichaam uitgezonden of uitgewasemd wordt

emanation form of emanate:

to emanate verb (emanates, emanated, emanating)

  1. to emanate (emit; exude; send out)
    uitstralen; zenden; uitzenden; rondstralen
    • uitstralen verb (straal uit, straalt uit, straalde uit, straalden uit, uitgestraald)
    • zenden verb (zend, zendt, zond, zonden, gezonden)
    • uitzenden verb (zend uit, zendt uit, zond uit, zonden uit, uitgezonden)
  2. to emanate (radiate; emit)
    straling uitzenden
    • straling uitzenden verb (zend straling uit, zendt straling uit, zond straling uit, zonden straling uit, straling uitgezonden)

Conjugations for emanate:

  1. emanate
  2. emanate
  3. emanates
  4. emanate
  5. emanate
  6. emanate
simple past
  1. emanated
  2. emanated
  3. emanated
  4. emanated
  5. emanated
  6. emanated
present perfect
  1. have emanated
  2. have emanated
  3. has emanated
  4. have emanated
  5. have emanated
  6. have emanated
past continuous
  1. was emanating
  2. were emanating
  3. was emanating
  4. were emanating
  5. were emanating
  6. were emanating
  1. shall emanate
  2. will emanate
  3. will emanate
  4. shall emanate
  5. will emanate
  6. will emanate
continuous present
  1. am emanating
  2. are emanating
  3. is emanating
  4. are emanating
  5. are emanating
  6. are emanating
  1. be emanated
  2. be emanated
  3. be emanated
  4. be emanated
  5. be emanated
  6. be emanated
  1. emanate!
  2. let's emanate!
  3. emanated
  4. emanating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for emanate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
rondstralen emanate; emit; exude; send out
straling uitzenden emanate; emit; radiate
uitstralen emanate; emit; exude; send out
uitzenden emanate; emit; exude; send out broadcast; cast around; disperse; employ; hire; scatter; set to work; sow; spread; sprinkle; strew about; toss about
zenden emanate; emit; exude; send out be at the wheel; drive; forward; mail; remit; send; send to; ship; steer; supply
- exhale; give forth

Related Words for "emanate":

Synonyms for "emanate":

Related Definitions for "emanate":

  1. give out (breath or an odor)1
  2. proceed or issue forth, as from a source1
    • Water emanates from this hole in the ground1

Wiktionary Translations for emanate:

  1. To come from a source

Cross Translation:
emanate ontspringen; opborrelen; opwellen; voortkomen; wellen émaner — Se dégager par particules impondérables d’un corps dont la substance n’en est ni diminuer, ni altérer sensiblement.