Detailed Translations for fuss from English to Dutch


fuss [the ~] noun

  1. the fuss (noise; sound)
    het geluid
    – wat je kunt horen 1
    • geluid [het ~] noun
      • plotseling klonk er een geluid in het stille bos1
    het rumoer
  2. the fuss
    de franje; de poespas
  3. the fuss
    de drukte; de ophef; kouwe drukte; het rumoer
  4. the fuss (commotion; ado; song and dance; to-do)
    de ophef; de deining
  5. the fuss (commotion; bustle; hubbub; din)
    de drukte; het krakeel; de heisa
  6. the fuss (argy-bargy; stir; commotion; squabbling; hubble-bubble)
    het geharrewar
  7. the fuss (ballyhoo)
    de drukte; kouwe drukte
  8. the fuss (bother; hassle; mess)
    de rompslomp; veel gedoe
  9. the fuss (chicane)
    het gechicaneer
  10. the fuss (trouble making; hassle; chicanery)
    de narigheid; de trammelant; het gelazer
  11. the fuss (cumbrousness; prolixity)
    de omslachtigheid

Translation Matrix for fuss:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
deining ado; commotion; fuss; song and dance; to-do backwash; oscillation; sea; swell; swinging
drukte ballyhoo; bustle; commotion; din; fuss; hubbub bedlam; bustle; clamor; clamour; commotion; crowd; din; flow; hubbub; hullabaloo; hustle; hustle and bustle; influx; liveliness; noise; pandemonium; pressure of activities; racket; rush; squash; stampede; tumult; tumultuousness; uproar; vivacity
franje fuss frills; fringe; ravel; trimming; trimmings
gechicaneer chicane; fuss
geharrewar argy-bargy; commotion; fuss; hubble-bubble; squabbling; stir
gelazer chicanery; fuss; hassle; trouble making
geluid fuss; noise; sound
heisa bustle; commotion; din; fuss; hubbub ado; bother; fuzz; huzza; mess; rumpus; to-do
kouwe drukte ballyhoo; fuss
krakeel bustle; commotion; din; fuss; hubbub
narigheid chicanery; fuss; hassle; trouble making difficulty
omslachtigheid cumbrousness; fuss; prolixity
ophef ado; commotion; fuss; song and dance; to-do
poespas fuss
rompslomp bother; fuss; hassle; mess fuss and bother; to-do
rumoer fuss; noise; sound bedlam; clamor; clamour; commotion; din; hubbub; hullabaloo; hum; movement; noise; pandemonium; racket; roar; rumor; rumour; tumult; tumultuousness; uproar
trammelant chicanery; fuss; hassle; trouble making
veel gedoe bother; fuss; hassle; mess
- ado; bicker; bickering; bother; bustle; dither; flap; flurry; hassle; hustle; pettifoggery; pother; spat; squabble; stir; tiff; tizzy; trouble
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- fret; mother; niggle; overprotect

Related Words for "fuss":

  • fusses

Synonyms for "fuss":

Related Definitions for "fuss":

  1. a rapid active commotion2
  2. a quarrel about petty points2
  3. an angry disturbance2
    • he didn't want to make a fuss2
  4. an excited state of agitation2
  5. worry unnecessarily or excessively2
    • don't fuss too much over the grandchildren--they are quite big now2
  6. care for like a mother2
    • She fusses over her husband2

Wiktionary Translations for fuss:

Cross Translation:
fuss gedoe Gedönsumgangssprachlich, pejorativ: unnötiger Aufwand

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